Vandy Vape Kylin Mini Review

Vandy Vape Kylin Mini Review

The Kylin Mini comes with a nice drip tip with pre-installed Goon resin. The resin drip tip is on the high side and keeps your lips well out of the top cap. The resin drip tip has a diameter of 11 mm. The other anti-drip tip is a Goon or 810 black drip tip ribbed on its outer circumference. The rib provides some texture and is also very comfortable. It is shorter than the drip tip made of synthetic resin for vapers. The black drip tip has a diameter of 10 mm. With your Kylin Mini, you get 2 tank glass. The pre-installed is a straight glass and has a capacity of 3 ml. The extra glass section is a bubble-shaped glass and has a capacity of 5 ml. With the option “Bubble Glass” you can increase the capacity of your tank without affecting the taste. Both parts of the tank are made of Pyrex glass. The top cover of Kylin Mini has a nice knurling on the outside. It is a very heavy knurl, which provides a good grip on the top cover when filling the tank.

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First Impression

Vandy Vape Kylin Mini Review

I am the guy who always has been in single-coil tanks and RDAs. I was really happy when I heard that Vandy Vape was working on a mini version of Kylin. I was impressed as I took it in my hand when I opened the box it seemed incredible. When the lid is closed, there are two very large semicircular filling openings. These filling holes are suitable for all types of juice bottles on the market today, including types of bullnose bottles. The chimney is a medium sized fireplace, much tastier. The chimney lowers towards an extremely conical gorge. On the outside of the barrel are a Vandy Vape logo and something of the Kylin brand. The barrel adheres to the base with a very soft thread. The Kylin Mini’s 510 connector is gold plated and split into a flat head screwdriver. It is surrounded by an insulating ring and some stainless steel wires.


No doubt it is among the best single-could tanks on the market until now. In fact, I like this tank as a single coil of Kensei. It has the same honeycomb coverage as the Kensei and gives me the same kind of flavor in a single coil instead of a double coil configuration. The taste of this tank is absolutely impressive. You get one of the best single-coil vapors you’ve got from this tank. It is very tasty. The clouds are also numerous. Most people will not believe you when you tell them that you are throwing these clouds out of a simple single atomizer. At that moment I framed an alien in SS in the Kylin Mini at a temperature of 0.28 ohms. I set it to 60 watts and the vaporizer I get is just beautiful. The clouds are definitely there and also the taste. This is a tasty tank and a surprisingly murky tank.


Almost all of you who have read my reviews would know that I always love simple and easy atomizers. I just realized that most of my time I have a great taste when I use a little over half the tension I would normally have in a double coil design. Single-coil tanks are also much more efficient because using a single coil consumes much less juice and better battery life because of less energy usage. The Vandy Vape Mini Kylin is certainly one of the best single-coil tanks I’ve tried for some time. In fact, it will probably be part of my rotation for a while. This is an excellent single-coil RTA. If you like simple coil tanks, you’ll definitely want to get Kylin Mini by Vandy Vape.

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Vandy Vape Kylin Mini Review

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