Okay. Okay. I am convinced now that Mouth-to-Lungvaping will become a major segment of vaping community. I don’t know why, but more and more MTL atomizers, from RDAs and RTAs to prebuilt coil head tanks, mouth to lung vaping is, for many, an attractive method of vaping, and the Uwell Whirl 20/22 Vape Pen Starter Kits are simply the latest vape pens configured for the MTL Vaper. Are they decent vape pens? Here’s what I discovered…uwell_whirl_20_22_starter_kit

For a long stretch of time the vaping industry was all about creating Sub-Ohm Tanks that produced incredible amounts of vapor with the slightest pull on a wide bore drip tip. To accommodate, high-wattage box mods provided the power needed to push these ultra-low resistance coils that sat inside the monster cloud producing sub-ohm tanks. A newer, more powerful box mod and/or sub-ohm tank were introduced seemingly every day. The desire for denser, more voluminous clouds could not be sated… and then the bubble seemed to burst.

This year alone has seen the release of numerous MTL tanks and RDA/RTAs as well as low wattage mods to match. This week Spinfuel VAPE reviewed the Innokin Kroma-Astarter kit that included the 75W mod and the tight draw Zenith MTL 4mL Tank . Today it’s a Uwell Whirl vape pen with an MTL vape experience. And that just this week.

Uwell introduced two versions of the Whirl at the same time; the Whirl 20 and the Whirl 22. These two vape pens are pretty much the same device, save for the physical size and milliamp hours of the battery. That being the case, for a comprehensive examination of the specs for each Uwell Whirl, I’ve included them in the collapsible bars below.

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Unlike the Innokin Zenith MTL Tank, the Uwell 20mm and 22mm MTL tank portion have slightly easier draws to them. While definitely mouth to lung vape pens, at least the user could get a decent amount of vapor with a Direct Lung draw from the drip tips. In fact, the Uwell Whirl produces slightly more vapor than the Zenith, though the flavor production is nearly identical.

Both Uwell Whirls are wattage based, outputting a maximum of 25W with a voltage output range of 3.0-3.8V. Both devices use the same 0.6-ohm push/pull Kanthal Whirl Coils, which Uwell calls pro-FOCS Coil System and are optimized for flavor fidelity.

The Uwell Whirl 20/22 AIO MTL Starter Kits are portable MTL devices that have  just a one button interface. The tanks are built in, and both have 2ml capacity for  eJuice. The Whirl 20 is fitted with an integrated 700mAh battery and the While 22 is fitted with a 1600mAh battery.

The built-in tank is a top filled tank and is filled by unscrewing the threaded top cap. The Whirl 20/22’s built-in tank is technically a sub-ohm tank. The Whirl Replacement Coils are 0.6-ohm resistance that are automatically vaped best with 18 to 22W.

Uwell claims that when all the airflow holes are exposed for the most air intake they can be adjusted for Direct Lung (DL) vaping. While that might be technically true, you can bet that even with the wide open airflow holes the draw is too tight for a decent direct lung pull. I used the Whirl for 10 minutes as a DL device and developed a headache from the series of hard draws I managed to take. If you’re hoping the Whirl can be a Direct Lung vape pen, it just can’t be. You would be much better off with the Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm for an honest-to-goodness Direct Lung Vape.These built-in tanks have an adjustable 12mm by 2.5mm airflow slot with 5 sealable airflow holes that measure 2mm, 1.5mm, 1.25mm, 1mm, and 0.75mm. The airflow can be set for a very tight MTL draw by sealing up some of the airflow holes.

The Whirl 20/22 AIO Starter Kit comes with a 510 5mm drip tip. The built-in battery has a capacity of 700mAh or 1600mAh and both recharge at 1A rate. Recharge time is about 60 minutes for the 700mAh and 90+ minutes for the 1600mAh.

The fire button glows when pressed and displays white LED when the device is firing above 3.6V, red lights when its below 3.6V, and blinks 10 red lights when the battery is in need of recharging.

UWELL WHIRL 20 / 22 Vape Pen Starter Kit Review

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