In the ever growing 3 battery mod race, the Lost Vape Triade has been fighting for top place against the likes of the Wismec Reuleaux. There is even a crazy starting for quad battery mods. These are big mods, they are heavy, they offer great battery life and power but at a pretty serious cost, portability. Let’s take a look at one of these big mothers…

From a design perspective the details and finishes of the Triade are some the nicest in the category. The mix of materials and finish options (Leather Battery Doors) lend for some pretty serious option, there is definitely a colorway for everyone. It’s clean of branding and little details like the large quad vents on each side lend to an aggressive industrial flair. The 510 isn’t quite centred on the top deck which is a potty, to go further it has a slightly raised platform around it that we don’t care for. It will fit 24-25mm attys with ease however. The shape or silhouette is shockingly similar to the Reuleaux, its a bit of a tear drop that does it’s best to add comfort while in the hand. It is an attractive mod, we will give it that. Surprisingly the leather on the battery door has been treated in a way that keeps it resistant to stains, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will return it to it’s unblemished self.

The chipset is where the Triade shines (Wismec abandoned the DNA chips after the first version of the Reuleaux for their own inferior boards), Lost Vape has continued to partner with Evolve and offer DNA chips. This latest version offers the DNA250 and thanks to the triple 18650s it can output the full 250W (like you will ever need them). There are some improvements over the DNA200 to this chip, better Fuse, 2amp charging, improved temp control (we don’t notice a big difference), and of course 50W more. If you want to read up on this check out our friends of at Vaping360 for more.

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Battery Life is good, it should be with that much power. Throwing in 3 high mAh 18650s can give you a lot of vaping time. The trade of is also a ton of weight. A full day of chain vaping is very possible with this mod.

Fit & Finish is decent, the front face plate shows marks/scratches easily and the battery door has some vertical play (annoys us).The gun metal grey finish on the sides and bottle holds up pretty good but we are seeing a lot of wear on the underside from pretty normal use. The battery door stays in place but is lacking a satisfying click into place, it’s more of a push into place that never sits perfectly. There is zero rattle and the buttons are a little soft but do have a reasonable satisfying click. There are some rather large unequal gaps around the buttons however.

The Triade is a big powerful mod with a great chipset. It’s heavy as hell and good luck fitting it in a pocket comfortably. The price isn’t crazy when you consider the materials and chip, but then again the fit & finish isn’t great. If you are looking for big and powerful this is one mod to consider for sure, but in the end, it leaves us wanting more. It’s bulky and maybe this design is coming to it’s end. Happy mod hunting.

– Mixed Aesthetic, Lots of Texture/Details
– Evolve DNA250 Chipset
– Triple 18650 Battery Capacity (Series)
– Great Battery Life
– Good Hand Feel
– Weighty, Feels Solid
– Decent Fit & Finish
– 5+ Colourways (Different Leather Options)
– Fits 24-25mm Attys
– Pretty Durable Finish
– Minimal Branding

– Tiny Bit of Door Play (vertically)
– Large, not for Small Hands
– Top Deck has a lot of Wasted Space

Now It’s Available :Lostvape Triade DNA250C Mod

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