Voopoo Drag is a small box for two 18650 batteries, maximum power 157W , inside which the Gene.Fun board is installed. Funny name, but the functionality is very similar to the Omni chipset from Vaporesso, we’ll talk more about this below.

Voopoo Drag Box Mod overview

Mod Drag is sold in only two colors: silver with a red or black inset. Externally, to pick up something unique is quite difficult, but even these two options will appeal to lovers of classic boxmodes . The price of Voopoo Drag starts at $ 50 , but often the mod can be found at a great discount.



  • 1 Package Contents
  • 2 Specifications
  • 3 Review of Voopoo Drag
    • 3.1 The similarity of the Super Gene.Fun and Omni chipsets
    • 3.2 Differences between Super Gene.Fun and Omni chipsets
    • 3.3 Firmware Drag V1.0.0.1
  • 4 Testing Voopoo Drag
    • 4.1 Test in VW mode
    • 4.2 Test in TC mode
  • 5 Conclusion
  • Boxmod Drag
  • USB cable
  • Instructions
  • Warranty and scratch cards


  • Size: 90mm x 54mm x 24mm
  • Weight: 212g (298g with batteries)
  • Material: zinc alloy and carbon inserts
  • Batteries: two 18650
  • Voltage: 6.4-8.5V
  • Power: 5-157W

Review of Voopoo Drag

Voopoo Drag Box Mod Overview Appearance

When unpacking immediately strikes the appearance of the appearance of the Drag, it is square, there is not a single lazy corner, like all fashion now. This again takes us to classic boxmodes.

In the hands of the fashion it is felt very heavy, empty weighs 212g, with batteries 298g. For comparison, it’s like an old cubed, which also weighs 298g or Revenant Cartel 160 (272g), and there’s Triade for three batteries (324g). And again Drag shows himself as a classic boxman – heavy and square, but attracting attention, like a polished classic on the road.

The site Voopoo could not find the material from which the Drag body was made, but online stores point it out as a zinc alloy. This is strange, because such a small mode can not weigh so much, at this weight the hull should be at least steel.

Voopoo Drag Box Mod battery compartment and engraving

The lid of the battery compartment is laser engraved with a big Drag logo, in fact, it does not look very nice and many will not like it. On the other side of the carbon fiber insert with a small inscription Voopoo.

Voopoo Drag Box Mod Mod Button and 510 Connector

Buttons on the front panel are very pleasant and again remind of classic boxmodes. The only thing that stands out is the USB port located under the control buttons. 510 connector is made of stainless steel with a spring-loaded, gold-plated central pin.

The similarity of the chipsets Super Gene.Fun and Omni

After the launch of the boxmaster, one immediately saw a great similarity with the Vaporesso boxmen. All functions and menus we observed in Vaporesoo, only Voopoo use other names.

  • Smart Wattage is a standard VW mode, but the boxmode when first connecting an atomizer will display the recommended power, based on the resistance of the spirals. All subsequent settings are stored in memory and when you change drips and tanks, you do not need to re-configure everything.
  • CCW – allows you to create individual power settings with an interval of 0.5 seconds. For example, at the very beginning you want to get a little more power, for faster heating of the spirals. CCW will make it easy to implement.
  • CCT  is the same as CCW, only for thermal monitoring.

All the other modes you know and most likely used once in your life, this is the standard VW on the cantal, TC on nickel, titanium or stainless steel. In addition, there is an opportunity to make TCR itself of some specific metals.

Differences between Super Gene.Fun and Omni chipsets

Power is regulated in 1W steps, so if you found the ideal power of 88.3W, then you are unlucky, you will have to soar either 88W or 89W. Step can not be changed, unlike Omni, where the standard step is set to 0.1W.

Firmware Drag V1.0.0.1

Voopoo after the release of BoxMod immediately released an update to the firmware Drag. It’s nice to realize that the producer listens to the community and asks users what to modify and add. Changes:

  1. VV mode – possibility of voltage adjustment 6.4-8.5V
  2. Added the ability to lock buttons

Voopoo created or rather copied from Vaporesso and the ability to customize and customize the firmware and menus. All you need is to download the  VooPoo PC APP and connect the mod to the computer. Of course, this is not DNA or Escribe boards, but there are also enough features and everyone will be able to adjust the mod for them. It is also more convenient to configure the CCW curve on the computer screen, rather than on the small fashion display.

Testing Voopoo Drag

For the mode test in VW mode, RDTA Fumytech Earth Globe was used with two fused kleptons, the resistance turned out to be 0.23 Ohm. For thermal control, the Hadaly RDA drip was selected with two microcools made of stainless steel, with a resistance of 0.34 Ohm.

Test in VW mode

At the first connection of the atomizer, the mod habitually asked whether it was a new atomizer, the answer was obviously yes. Then for some reason the chipset decided to install a power of 45W. Which suddenly turned out to be normal for two kleptons, although the spirals heated very slowly. Instantly it was cut off by CCW and slightly increased the initial power in the first second. Coyles began to heat instantly and the feeling of floating completely changed, it’s nice when pressing the button, immediately responds to the crackling of the evaporating liquid in the atomizer.

Test in TC mode

The mode for the Hadaly drift was changed to TC SS, the temperature set at 240 ℃, power 35W.

Gene.Fun showed itself well in TC mode, there was no overheating, and the current strength reached 12-16A. When the wicks dry up, the current gradually decreases and practically to zero. Drag proved to be no worse than Vaporesso Attitude  c Omni chipset.


Voopoo Drag Box Mod overview carbon panel

Voopoo Drag may seem like a cheap replacement for  Vaporesso , but it’s not entirely true. Simply in boxmode there are chips borrowed from Vaporesso, with the ability to customize the firmware and thoughtful modes of operation. Mod is well suited for vampires who do not want to bother with the gigantic settings of the DNA and Escribe boards, these cards even repel a huge number of people with their complexity. The fee for Drag is good and does not cause any inconvenience.

But the biggest advantage of boxmode, is its classic appearance. Many newcomers are likely to be unhappy with the square shapes and will insist that such a fashion is inconvenient to hold in your hand. Yes, he lies in his hand worse than any licked box-box, but no inconvenience. The only thing that will be unusual and maybe push someone away – a lot of weight, but there’s nothing to be done about it and it’s really in the shirt pocket, Drag can not be worn.

Now It’s Available Here:Voopoo Drag Box Mod

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Overview of boxer Voopoo Drag – modern classic

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