Before the editorial board, after a long time, several sets of VAPORESSO finally reached the trading arena last year. Judging by the number of photos and posts of users in foreign social networks – the Chinese have not missed and manufactured really high-quality devices. However, folk wisdom says – “Trust, but check”, and today I want to understand how things are with the VAPORESSO Revenger Kit – the first of the series and the more interesting in terms of the fact that the first pancake is often not the way it would be desirable, and companies quickly try to hide flaws in the release of improvements and other novelties.

The VAPORESSO Revenger set came in a square compound box of black-and-green shades (which indicates the coloring inside), which is simply dotted with information! There is almost everything, except that there is no instruction – in short, VAPORESSO tried their best. 
The bundle is not the poorest, but unfortunately my favorite service base for the Sabeman atomizer, unfortunately, it was discovered.

Complete VAPORESSO Revenger Kit:
1 * BoxMod VAPORESSO Revenger; 
1 * Atomizer VAPORESSO NRG Tank; 
1 * Replaceable evaporator GT4; 
1 * Replacement Evaporator GT8; 
1 * Spare flask; 
1 * USB cable; 
1 * Adapter for 510 drip-type; 
5 * Spare o-rings; 
2 * User’s manual; 
1 * Warranty card; 
1 * Warning Card

The VAPORESSO Revenger box is sold in 7 colors, and the coolest ones are green, pink-orange and blue. I just came with a light green version, and I’m glad that the Chinese have not been deceived with color rendition in their presentations – the coloring is very bright and rich, but for the fact that this is my favorite color – the company automatically receives a plus to karma.
The device itself is standard in terms of dimensions, perfectly sits in the hand and does not slip due to the combined materials (metal, plastic). It is worth noting that the average plastic insert already out of the box had a small chip at the bottom, and I’m sure that with daily use it will acquire “neighbors.” Add here large decorative elements on the front and back parts, which will also be scratched, and as a result we will get a boxmode, which even after careful use will lose its original appearance after a while (unless you keep it on the shelf and just admire it). Is it bad? Well, how to say … Of course, yes, but let’s think: are there ever eternal things? Any accessory, smartphone, player sooner or later will show signs of wear and tear to its owner, and this is inevitable.
The weight of the VAPORESSO Revenger is quite noticeable (the abundance of metal parts affects) and with the accumulators still gaining additional weight, but as for me, it’s better than you feel that there is a piece of plastic in your hand – the wind will blow and it will fly away with its gusts. 
To the quality of assembling and fitting the parts of the boxman, there are no complaints, everything is sound, and this is not the first time I’ve noticed this feature of VAPORESSO. Well done!

Parameters of boxer VAPORESSO Revenger:
Dimensions: 88 mm * 44.5 mm * 28 mm; 
Color:   Gold, Green, Rainbow, Black, Red, Gunmetal, Blue

On the front of the device there is a large decorative cover protecting the display, the “+”, “-“, “Fn” buttons and the micro USB port. 
The display itself is medium in size and brightness, it contains parameters such as power / temperature, mode name, charge indicator, user mode (HIGH, SOFT, NORM for VW, Ni, Ti, SS for TC ; M1, M2 for TCR), resistances, voltage, counter for number and time of puffs, power / temperature curve.

The right side is empty, and the upper part of the left side is occupied by a rectangular button “Fire”. It, like the keys of the front part, works without misfires, does not rattle, and when pressed, it produces a dead click.

The rear part is occupied by a removable battery cover, which is secured by 3 strong magnets. Its manufacturer also zadekoriroval black mirror insert.

In the upper part, on the edge, the device names are located, and even higher, on the site, allowing to install atomizers up to 28 mm – 510 centrally located spring-loaded connector. 
Tanks and drips are installed flush, levitation is not observed and there is no doubt that scratches do not take long to wait.

In the lower part there are holes for the gas outlet, located just under the batteries.

Turning on / off the device is done by pressing the “Fire” button five times.

Key lock – simultaneous clamping of “+” and “Fn”.

Transition of the boxmode to the standby mode with the clock screensaver – simultaneous clamping “+” and “Fire”.

Viewing the software version – we press “Fire” and “Fn”.

Rotating the screen – we clamp simultaneously “-” and “+”.

The main menu is accessed by simultaneously clamping the “-” and “Fire”, after which the system takes us to the tree for selecting various parameters. 
Navigation is performed with the “+”, “-” and “Fn” keys, and the activation of the selected parameter is done by pressing “Fn”.

VW MODE- selection of the Varivatt mode and pre-settings HIGH, NORM, SOFT;

VT MODE- selection of the thermal control mode and power adjustment;

TIME SET – set the date, time and select the type of clock that will be displayed in standby mode;

DEFAULT – return to factory settings;

SMART ON / OFF – in fact, this is the most usual Varivatta mode, without the possibility of selecting additional user sub modes HIGH, NORMAL and SOFT;

SCREEN TIMEOUT – setting the time of transition of the boxman to the standby mode;

BRIGHTNESS – adjust the brightness of the display (it is not the brightest on the maskmoom, which is much less …);

PUFF COUNTER – allows you to reset the counter of puffs or, if you change your mind, return to the settings menu;

EXIT – return to the main screen (note, this function will have to be selected whenever you want to return to the main screen, which is not very convenient)

Now I will tell you about the choice of steaming modes, because the Chinese decided that tuning through the main menu is too easy for modern advanced users and pushed it to the main screen. For what it was done – it’s unclear if the reduced variation of the choice between VW (HIGH, NORM, SOFT) and VT (with preset power) remains in the settings menu. This only confuses users!

So, in order to switch between the main modes, you need to press the “Fn” button on the main screen for a split second, and the system will start step by step, with each press, to change them.

Have you chosen? Excellent. Now we will more precisely configure each of them and additionally activate the CCW and CCT modes, which were referred to in the secondary settings menu, although in essence they are the main ones. 
To switch between VW and CCW – press “Fn” three times. A pop-up menu pops up where the navigation keys select the required one and activate by long pressing “Fn”. 
If the curve mode is selected, the power and time settings will be available (the abscissa steps are 0.5 seconds, the ordinate is 1 Watt).

To switch between VT, CCT and TCR in the Thermal control mode, we perform the same manipulations as before, which will allow us to set the temperature curve or set the TCR value.

Frozen, will you agree? I got used to some time, and I think that the implementation is not the most successful, it was possible to simplify this quest, without straining the user’s convolutions to string tightness.

Accordingly, when installing a new atomizer and errors during use – the system will notify you of the need to select a new installed tank, its absence, improper landing, short circuit and a number of other errors.

Characteristics of boxer VAPORESSO Revenger:
Working power: 5-220 watts; 
Output voltage: 0-9 Volts; 
Operating modes: VW (HIGH, NORM, SOFT), CCW, VT (Ni, Ti, SS, M1, M2), CCT, Bypass; 
Temperature range: 100-315 ℃ / 200-600 ℉; 
Supported resistance: 0.05-5 Ohm; 
Maximum charging current: 2 Amps; 
Connector: 510 type, spring-loaded; 
Power: Two high-current 18650 batteries; 
The list of protections: from short circuit, from low and high voltage, from recharge / overdischarge, overheating

Complete atomizer VAPORESSO NRG Tank does not lag behind the boxman in weight, quality of assembly and stylish design. It is able to contain up to 5 ml of liquid (standard version), is equipped with a convenient dressing and works with productive (on request of the Chinese) interchangeable evaporators. For capacity you have to pay in sizes: the atomizer is high enough, but it can compete in this respect with other colleagues in the shop.

Parameters of atomizer VAPORESSO NRG Tank:
Height: 55 mm; 
Diameter: 25 mm; 
Tank capacity: 5 ml and 2 ml (TPD version); 
Color: Gold, Green, Rainbow, Black, Red, Gunmetal, Blue

VAPORESSO NRG Tank consists of 5 parts: a base, a replacement evaporator, a bulb, a top cap with a shaft and a drip-type.

The base, like many atomizers of such a plan – with the lower blowing through the two middle holes. The adjusting ring has convenient convex notches and a stopper in the extreme positions. 
In the inner part there is a thread for fixing the evaporators, and on the upper border there is a thick o-ring for better sealing of the bulb.

Replacement evaporators GT4 and GT8 have a resistance of 0.15 ohms, but differ in the number of coils (2 or 4) and in the corridor of power in which the user can use them (45-60 watts and 50-110 watts). 
As for the taste, it is quite good for both versions, and the evaporators deserve the attention of users who prefer maintenance-free tanks. Steam is generated in sufficient quantity, so for both these indicators I put deserved “4” points.

The top cap is monolithic with a shaft and a refueling ring. The tightening is relatively free, so there is absolutely nothing to catch the fans of cigarette thrust. 
The system uses the “slider” filling, but not the standard “forward-back”, and when the lid pulls to the side. This is convenient in terms of general construction, but in practice – not very, since the course of the top cap is tight, and you have to make an effort to move it to the side. 
The shaft also has a thread in the base where the evaporator is attached to the top.

Very beautiful 810 resin drip-types with splash protection use VAPORESSO when completing the NRG Tank. They are attached to the top cap by means of two O-rings, they sit without loophole and show themselves at the best side during operation. 
If desired, you can use the complete adapter and install your 510 drip-type, which will make the tightening tighter, but I still believe that for this atomizer – this move is superfluous.

Characteristics of the VAPORESSO NRG Tank atomizer:
Base: Under replaceable evaporators; 
Blowing: Lower; 
Refueling: Upper, “slider”; 
Connector: 510 type, pin – floating; 
Drip-type: 810



Quality of materials and assemblies;
Lower blowing of the atomizer;
Upper filling;
Waste transfer;
Chip OMNI Board 2.0
Color palette

The boxmodel body is prone to scratches;
Top cap has a tight move
The weight;
Frozen menu

Summing up, I want to note the beautiful appearance of the VAPORESSO Revenger Kit. Juicy color, nice to touch the body – the device and want to pick up.
Not very cool, everything is with decorative inserts and plastic spacers: they will necessarily “collect” fingerprints and scratches, but the fact that on the case “out of the box” has already been found a small chop of paint – only a minus to the manufacturer: the cost of the device is not the smallest, and the percentage of having a marriage is on the person.
The frozen menu at first makes the brain boil like a kettle and requires some experience of use. After a while, you adapt, but again – a fact on your face. But in general, OMNI Board 2.0 shows itself perfectly in the work, the feedback of the buttons is instant, and the system does not tupit.
On the tank I have only two comments: a rather big weight and a tight turn of the top cap, and so NRG Tank – it is tasty, autonomous and looks beautiful. I liked the drip-type, and the evaporators surprised them, which convey a good taste, which is not the most common thing among conveyor sabomniks.

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